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can anybody tell me if there is a wireless network i can use that lets

me use my second pc without having my first pc. on if so what is it and

roughlyhow much i am on cable broadband and running xp on both pcs

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Purchase a wireless router. Most consumer brands comes with 4 ports

that will allow 4 PCs to access the internet and local area network

simultaneously or individually via ethernet cable. Furthermore, you

can wirelessly connect up to 253 devices. It also alleviates the need

to use the Microsoft Internet Connection Wizard. In other words, with

the wireless router, you will not need to configure one of your PCs as

a server and the other as clients in order to access the internet or

LAN. All of the consumer brands have pros and cons. I've used D-Link,

Belkin, Netgear and Linksys. D-Link and Netgear performed best for me

but not for others. Thst's just how it is. Do your research and make

your choice. Finally, Pick a model that supports WPA encryption.

Wireless G is arguably the most popular, wireless B is plentiful and

sufficient, and Pre-N is up and coming. Personally, I would suggest

the D-Link DI-624. Take care.

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