Help with wifi........

Am new to routers.. Anyway, the wife has got a laptop with wifi connectivity and from what I gather we need a wireless router to split our internet connection? But there are so many and because this is a Christmas present I DONT want to get the wrong one.

Our PC is an Athlon XP 1800 running Windows 2000. We connect to the internet using a motorola surfboard SB4100 connected via an ethernet cable to our PC. We are on Virgin Media, formerly a Telewest Blueyonder customer.

The wifes laptop is a HiGrade laptop running windows vista. It's all ready for wifi so shouldn't be any problems there.

She will probably only use the laptop for surfing the net so doesn't need a very fast connection (I don't really want to lose too much speed off the PC either as I download quite a bit)

Don't know if the speed thing is possible, just want to give her some sort of connectivity on her laptop. Willing to pay up to £50. Any suggestions as to what I need. As stated, it's a Christmas present so must work with our current configuration. TIA :)

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There are several SOHO routers on the market, and (almost?) all will do what you want (unless you buy a used antique from ebay or the like).

Routers are not exactly plug-and-play, so plan on a few hours to install and set it up. My SOHO router, like most, has dozens of parameters that need to be thought about to run a wired-plus-wireless LAN. For starters, many routers ship with wireless disabled, so you'll need to connect to the router (from your wired PC) to enable wireless; next, set up encryption (WPA-Personal TKIP is suggested for home use) with a non-obvious passphrase. Note that the vendor's default settings for most params are OK, but read the ISP's website for requirements and suggestions.

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Bob Willard

This is easy.

Turn the PC off (if only to be 'safe'). Unplug the ethernet cable from the PC and plug it into the WAN port of the router. Plug the PC into one of the LAN ports (usually there are four) on the router. Boot the PC. Use the CD that comes with the router on the PC, or follow it's instruction sheet. This should take care of getting the router setup for wired and internet access.

With luck you won't need to do much. Worst case you'll have to configure things like PPPoE or static addresses. Unlikely, but possible and certainly not uncommon. You may want to have the instructions handy that your internet provider used for setting up your initial connection. It may have details you'll need for this.

Then follow the instructions for the router to set up it's wireless network. You'll want to use WPA security. Otherwise anyone else can use your wireless connection to the internet. That and they can sniff your other wireless traffic. Like online ordering from websites, bank info, e-mail passwords, etc.

Then use the backup option on the router to save the configuration to your PC. Put it on a diskette and keep it in the box with the router's instructions. You'll probably never need it again but it can't hurt to keep it handy.

Not much to it at all.

-Bill Kearney

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Bill Kearney

If I was starting over with laptop WIFI using VISTA and desktop using WinXP I would MAKE sure that WiFi will work with Laptop.

Still trying to get mine to work.

Same thing with printer conections. VISTA is not easily compatable.

Just a warning. Anne

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