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Hi all, I am a beginner to Voip, i got some cool ideas on it.... i would like to improve more on it..... so help me with some tutorials & sites that support me to get a clear view on Voip.

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Google is your friend.

Care to share your cool concepts are always appreciated.

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Yes, I like new concepts also. I am in the process of moving my office back to my home in a couple of months and going to switch to wireless and dump my old pbx that I bought in 1992. It is old technology and also don't want to run wires all over the place. Only looking for 3 lines plus maybe a fax.

I am finding that there is so much available it is difficult to decide what would be the best course - and then I stumble upon the 3CX IP PBX for Windows - jeesh, mind blowing choices all over the place.

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Don Harvey

Oops, meant switch to Voip for my phones.

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