Help Please ------ Belkin Mimo F5D-9630-4 ADSL2 + MODEM ROUTER

Anybody tell me the wireless light (6th from left) flashes rapidly
a second and continuessly even if computer internet/network idle.
Can anbody with a Belkin Mimo F5D-9630-4 ADSL2 + MODEM ROUTER confirm
please. No mentionof it in instructions
My concern is that on the network connections screen (Small televisions in
lower R.H corner of WIN XP screen),
It shows packets sent and recived while im not active on the machine.
This is a clean install with no virus;s
Thank you ,
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Hi, Same with wired connection. You have to maintain the connection. Like Are you there? I am here. Even if machine is idle.
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Tony Hwang
Hi Tony
See Para: 3 , Page Seven of the Belkin manual for the F5D9630 it says. it should be Solid. (Maybe I should have read it First)
Belkin Link
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Hi, So what? Activity indicator flashing or staying on near solid, who cares as long as it works the way it should.
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