Belkin ADSL2+ Router blocks Screwfix website.

We have a Belkin ADSL2+ Wireless G Router which I'm having a bit of a problem with. Just bought it and installed works perfectly. But it does not let any of the computers connect to websites like screwfix or screw anything!

We know it is the router we have just bought. because we logged on to next door's wireless network with same computers and could access every web site. . But goodness knows how the router can block some websites names when router firewall etc. is turned off, and this applies to 3 different computers with different firewalls etc in the house and my laptop I brought in specially to try. It is definitely the router and we have disabled the firewall in the router but can not find any other settings that will sort this problem.

Advice welcome.

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Peter Bell
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Does it have a model number? Perhaps a firmware version also? Belkin probably only makes one, but I'm lazy on weekends and really don't feel like bothering to look up the model number and check the support database for similar problems.

It does not work perfectly as you would not be complaining here if it did. I suggest "not quite perfectly" as a suitable description.

How about being specific as to which sites? I'm not terribly interested in testing every possible site with the word screw in it. Just one or two that don't work.

Hmmm... 5572 names with "screw" in it. I don't think I'll test them all.

Check some other obvious domain names of porno sites to test if "screw" is the only one being blocked.

Try connecting to these web servers by IP address instead of full domain name.

Make sure you're actually connected to your Belkin wireless router and not the neighbors.

Try it with a wired ethernet connection and not just via wireless. One less thing to go wrong.

Verify that all services are being blocked and not just http. Try ftp, ping, traceroute, etc. See where the packets stop.

Ok, so it's not a spyware or parental control filter. Does your unspecified model Belkin have a parental control or content feature? If so, turn it off. If you're not sure, you might try writing down the important setting and doing a grand reset to defaults. Also, check for firmware updates. .

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