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Right not I have my home entertainment pc wired into the back of my wireless router. My setup has a splitter from the wall out. One going to the TV tuner in the pc and the other going into the cable modem. But as of last night, I can only get a signal to the cable modem if I plug it directly into the cable outlet in the wall. If I try it via the splitter, I don't get signal. Obviously, Cox cables internet signal leaves something to be desired. So other than trying to get a new splitter which may or may not fix the problem or having a tech person come out, would it be better to just get a wireless usb for the home pc and then relocate the cable modem and wireless router to another cable outlet in the house? I am also connecting a laptop via the wireless router. I really don't even use internet access on the home pc other than retrieving information while in the Media Center interface.

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No. If your signal level is so low that your unspecified model cable modem only works directly into the cable outlet, you probably have a low cable signal level coming from Cox. If you're unspecified model cable modem has internal diagnostics, you can obtain signal level readings to determine if this is the problem. There is no workaround for low signal levels.

Cable splitters are all of about $3/ea. Methinks you can afford to buy another one. However, it's unlikely that this is the problem (unless it's really a directional coupler or you have unterminated ports on the splitter). More common are crappy connectors on the ends of RG-6/u coax cable. If pulling on the connector causes the whole mess to fall apart, it's a bad connection.

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