Repeater problem


I have a netgear DG824M acting as asdl modem, router and wifi AP. As

the covered wifi zone is too low due to really big walls, I bougth a

DLink DWL 700 AP to work as repeater. I have problems to configure it

as it does not seam too work.

1) How do i have to configure the repeater mode

2) What is this wireless client mode ? and can it help me to extend the

covered wifi zone

3) Can I configure the DWL 700 as an AP and can I have it redirect the

traffic to the DGM and vice versa ?


PS : I already chnaged the antenna

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You enter the Mac address of the DG824M into the field next to the repeater option. Put in the channel number or the DG824M and the SSID and security if any. Dlink is pretty specific on some of their repeaters about only working ith certain dlink models. May be that it wont talk to the netgear, if thats the case I d get a netgear repeater.

Client Mode will allow a wired pc to communicate with an AP, but you cannot use it like you do an AP. It only talks to APs not clients.

No, APs dont talk to APs

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