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I have a multi-point scenario with five Cisco 1300 bridges involved.

Only one of the non-root bridges can see the root bridge so I thought it would be a good idea to set this non-root bridge up as a repeater for the other bridges to use to contact the root bridge.

My question involves the config for the non-root bridges to contact the root bridge via the repeater.

I have set the non-root bridges to use the mac address of the repeater as their parent 1 address but I cannot see any authentication activity on the parent or the repeater when the non-root bridges try to connect.

The repeater authenticates fine through the root bridge and if I change the parent 1 address on the non-root bridges to that of the root bridge, all non-root bridges authenticate fine with our Cisco ACS.

I have trolled through the Cisco site but I can only find basic information such as "setting up the bridge as a repeater" etc

I feel I should mention that I have the bridges set up in a test enviroment (large room) at the moment.

Any help greatly appreciated

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