Linksys notebook adapter and Win98SE

WAG54G which

Might try downloading the utility and driver from linksys, make sure you get the one for win98 and the correct version of your card. Long shot but worth a try before you start reformatting.

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I already have a Linksys WPC54G notebook adapter coupled with a WAG54G which is working fine with my XP Pro laptop, and now I want to increase flexibility by adding another laptop to my home wireless LAN - to increase options for storage etc So I have bought another WPC54G to use on my Win 98SE laptop but cannot find a way of getting round an error on loading the install CD.

I have opted to use the same channel and SSID as the existing setup, but opted for Ad-Hoc mode (actually, selecting infrastructure mode makes no difference with this problem) - and at the same point of s/w load receive an error as follows : =================================================== Linsys Installation Wizard Installation Failed ErrorCode=-3 ErrorDesc.=Required data not found or disk space not enough =================================================== assuming the target for install is C drive, then space should not be the issue as all partitions including C on the 98SE laptop are healthy (C is FAT32 457Mb free) has anyone come across this one, or am I facing a full o/s reload for a clean start ?

thanks in advance Dave

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