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I would appreciate any help on sharing files and folders, and more importantly sharing printers using Windows XP Home, using a wireless broadband connection (Netgear DG834GT).

I have been to the Microsoft Website and looked at the information regarding this matter however nothing worked, I have ran the network wizard on the both the PC (with the printer and Netgear DG834GT) and on the laptop which uses Centrinos to connect to my Wireless network, however I'm still unable to see any shared folders and the printer from the PC.

MS file and print sharing is installed on both machines, and the printer has also been shared out.

Any help with the above would be greatly appreciated, as this is now doing my head in.


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  1. Ensure all computers on your network are part of the same 'Workgroup.'

If you need to check this then right-click 'My Computer' then 'Properties' and then select the 'Computer Name' tab.

  1. Configure your Firewall.

For me using Norton Internet Security 2005 that meant selecting 'Personal Firewall' the 'Configure' and then selecting 'Networking.' I then ran the Wizard and simply clicked through until finished. If you use a different Internet Security/Firewall package then look for something similar in there or search their website for guidance.

If these measures don't sort the problem then repost and we'll see where we go.


Alan C

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I found the guys at Netgear very useful and effficient. They talked me through a similar prob using the browser to access the router and set all permissions. David

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