Failing to set up wireless network

Have tried & failed to set up my Actiontec Gateway & adapte to connect to Internet

My Realtek modem works fine.

Pings OK, settings are on automatic detection of IP etc, no Proxy server.

OS is XP with Firewall, but I have tried it without the Firewall.

Any ideas?


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Norman Mackenzie
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We need more info then just "Have tried & failed to set up my Actiontec Gateway & adapte to connect to Internet"

Have you tried connecting your gateway to your modem and then wiring your PC to the gateway and see if that works? You need to narrow the problem. Once you have connected via ethernet cable to your gateway, log into it and set it up. Are you using PPPOE or Static IP or another configuration? Your Provider will tell you if you dont know. You will have to initially set your gateway for those setting and place your user name and password in it, if not a static IP.

Once you get your gateway working via wired networking, then progress to the wireless step.

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Robert Jacobs

Got another computer, or a friend with a laptop? It would be handy to try it with a hardwire connection, and at least narrow down if it is the modem/connection or your machine for sure.

When I do debugging, first thing I try is a laptop with ethernet/direct cable connect. Did you try it cabled?

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Peter Pan

Iv'e tried both PC USB-gateway & wireless connection. Neither works. The modem is connected to the gateway in both scenarios. I have used the static IP address provided by the gateway maker.


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