WILL Wireless N Work with Wireless G

Hello, Im thinking about getting one of the new Wireless N Routers, my question is my laptop has a builit in Wireless B/G Adapter, and every other computer i have has wirelesss B/G Adapeters.

My Question is would the wirelss N router work with all my computers, and if so will there be any difference in speed/range even though my computers dont have wireless N.

My laptop goes out into the street so far and i still have a connection, so my range now is VERY good, im just wondering if there is any difference.

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While N is supposed to be backwards compatible with B and G, my understanding is that the range improvements are only applicable with N cards. I've also read of people having problems with certain built in wireless adapters

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I agree. with RBM...it will work as my wireless printserver is G while the rest of the network is N... I don't think you will get any benifits of just a router..

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There are NO N standards yet and NO N routers), they are all pre N, and there is no way of knowing if one manufacturers PRE n will ever work with any one elses anything...

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Peter Pan

The range is better. I have the netgear WNR834 If you already have B or G the speed will be the same. Mega faster with the matching N adapter.

I saw somewhere as to when the standard is out, It might be just a fw upgrade. I pulled the plug early. I figured by the time the standard is set I can have up and running now. Then deal with it again when it comes out. It's not like there going to make it a standard and then everyone is going to run out and upgrade to it. (Hotspots) But for now It's running and The speed is great.

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Kevin Weaver

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