USB Wireless adaptor crashes XP


Not sure, but I have the same problem with a USB mouse and Win2000. Seems I read that there were some USB fixes for XP in SP2 but I dont remember exactly what they were for. Are you runing SP2?

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Hello, members and moderators!

I purchased two Encore ENUWI-B-SICA 802.11B Pensize adaptors

formatting link

for my two PCs with Windows XP_PE installed, and these little things

perform very nicely and fast. The only thing that surprises me is that

after a while, say about two or three hours of surfing the Web,


the PC in turn stops working and Windows shows a blue screen stating

that it has shut off the system in order to avoid further damages to


Besides, the cause is reported to be a "bad page call" or something

like that plus some parameters unknown to me. It also recommends

that if it is the first time it happened, I should restart the machine;

otherwise, I should check the hardware installed, etc., so I have to

turn off and restart the machine in order to resume my navigations..

and there! it happens again.

This phenomenom occurs exactly in both PCs which incidently have

different motherboards, one is a Compaq 5WV233 and the other one

is a PCCHIPS M810LMR, both in perfect operating conditions.

Previous to this, I used to have two Wireless PCI cards of different

makes installed in both of my PCs and which worked flawlessly for

hours and hours on end without any problem whatsoever but I had

to give them to my son, and now that I wanted to switch to these

little gems, this problem has arisen.

Does any one of the members of this forum have any idea about what

sort of conflict is happening between this USB adaptor and my PCs and

if there is any solution to that? I'd hate to throw them away!

Thank you very much in advance for any comment/advice that you

may want to add here.


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I have found that if a USB adapter fits loose. If it looses it connection for a moment will do this.

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