Do I really need to protect my wireless router?

Do I really need to enable some sort of protection on my wireless router? Besides someone using my connection for free what are other bad things could someone do?

Thanks, Paul

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Monitor _AND_ read your traffic. Are you sure that _ALL_ your personal data is encrypted by your browser and other software? Do you care if your identity is stolen?

I wouldn't consider anything less that my current setup of WPA-PSK TKIP encryption with a

28-character, non-dictionary, special-character-containing passphrase.


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Larry Finger

"P&L" hath wroth:


- Sniff your unencrypted traffic and extract logins, passwords, credit card info, bank info, and incriminating email to your mistress.

- Dive into your LAN and attack your unprotected PC's directly.

- Install viruses, worms, spambots, junkware, trojans, etc on your unprotected PC's.

- Trash or erase your hard disks.

- Turn your system into a porno or spam storage repository.

- Attack your employers LAN if you're using a VPN.

- Provide entertainment value for evil hackers like me.

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Jeff Liebermann

Use your internet connection and IP to send all the spam in the world. Use your connection to, oh, hack military web sites and send men in black to your door asking lots of questions. Serve up the illegal type of p*rn that justifiably sends authorities knocking on the subscriber who's using that IP address (ie. you) in a big hurry. Reconfigure your router to put your home PC in the DMZ and vulnerable to access and attack from the internet. Monitor all of your internet traffic. Steal your identity.

But, nah, not much to worry about really. ;-0

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Todd H.

No and none. These other guys are full of it. BTW, what's your address? ;-P

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Browse all your files, download pix of your family to dubious websites, read your personal mail, monitor your online credit card transactions and bank account details, use your PC to store illegal or stolen materials, and use your internet connection in the commission of crimes.

Apart from that, you're safe....

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