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I set up a home wireless network using a linksys wireless router ... I originally had the default "linksys" network that I could connect to ... however, I then changed it to a unique name and made it WPA secure. However, when I look for available wireless networks, I see my unique name network and the old unprotected linksys named network.

I went to the computer hardwired to the router to adjust the settings, but when I attempt to change wireless settings, they only have my uniquely named network.

Does anyone know how I can disable this generic named linksys network so that I can stop just anyone from logging onto my bandwidth?

Thanks in advance!


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John Carbone
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More than likely, one of your neighbors has a linksys wireless router or AP with the default SSID broadcasting.

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Doug Jamal

True, I guess I could turn off the router and see if their is still a connection available, but I am too lazy. ;-)

Thanks Doug!


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