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I have a DI-614+ wireless router at home.

I also have a Thinkpad T42 with an Intel 2200BG wireless network adapter. Every couple of days, My laptop does not have an Internet connection and when I check what the problem is, I see that the DNS inside the router does not resolve addresses although it is accesible via ping. What I do to fix this is reboot the router.

Does anyone have a clue as to why this is happening?

Thanks, Gil

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"gilshai" hath wroth:

I had one in my office for a while. It worked well enough.

Can you ping anything by IP address on the internet (not just the router's IP)? Try Yahoo at: Pinging

formatting link
[] with 32 bytes of data: If that works, then you have a DNS problem. See below. If it does NOT work, then you have some type of connectivity or router/modem stability problem. Not enough info to debug this.

Just a guess(tm) if it's DNS. The DI-614+ has a DNS cache inside designed to minimize DNS lookups. That's why your computers have the IP address of the router as the DNS server(s). If you're doing lots of lookups, the internal DNS cache might get lost or muddled. Mine didn't do that but was ocassionally confused by DNS juggling load balancing schemes.

If I suspect a DNS cache problem, I simply don't use it. Configure your DNS servers on the client computer to point to your ISP's DNS servers directly. You can still use DHCP to get the IP address and gateway from the DI-614+, but the DNS can be set seperately.

As usual, there are a few potential problems. Some ISP's juggle their DNS servers to avoid DoS attack problems. If you select one of these, it might easily disappear. If this is a problem, then you can select some of the open DNS servers on the internet run by universities and large companies. It's considered good form to ask before using these, but few people bother. I have my DNS servers set to: 1. My ISP's primary server. 2. The local university. 3. A different ISP's server.

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  1. You lose DNS lookup for clients on your local network. Work-around is to configure static IP addresses (by MAC address).
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