DD-WRT problem?

Linksys WRT54G 1.1 flashed with Jan 2006 DD-WRT. Router functions fine (wired, all web interface stuff seems to be working OK). Wireless transmitter has suddenly stopped transmitting. Receiver when doing a site survey seems to be functioning fine. This is tested on two known good computers (that is they can, using WZC see other networks and attach, don't see the one in question). SSID is set to be broadcasting, power level is about 50 milliwatts, antenna selection is default(auto). Now here is the really interesting part, replace the WRT in question with another of the same hardware version with the same version of DD-WRT and the same issue exists. Note this is supposed to be functioning as an AP only, in fact routing handled elsewhere on network, working fine for other computers. There is another wireless AP WRT54G 2.2 _ DD-WRT also on the network and it is functioning fine as an AP. Computers linking to it are getting good signal, and no issues aquiring a DHCP based IP etc.

Any ideas?????

Has anyone else seen similar symptoms before?

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