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Is there anything special to see my brother's PC through my WRT54G (v4) router? I'm a few houses away and I'm using WiFi to connect to the router, which is running DD-WRT. My brother is directly connecting to the router. Both of us share an internet connection and that is working fine but we can't see each other across the network. I'm on W2kSp4 and he is using XP Home.


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Ken Bessler
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Have your brother configure his firewall. Control Panel -> Windoze Firewall -> Exceptions Check the exceptions box with "File and Print Sharing.

In DD-WRT, make sure that you do NOT have "AP Isolation" enabled. It's on the: Wireless -> Advanced Settings page.

Also, verify that you can ping his IP address.

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Jeff Liebermann

And make sure both computers are in the same workgroup


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Adair Witner

On Mon, 30 Oct 2006 23:34:00 GMT, "Adair Witner" wrote in :

Strictly speaking, that's not really necessary.

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John Navas

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