Upgrading DD-WRT to later version

Looong ago I uploaded the DD-WRT v23beta firmware to my Linksys WRT54G ver. 1.1. Twice today I tried to upgrade to v23SP2 via the Web interface, but there was no sign of anything at all happening.

Any ideas?


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Percival P. Cassidy
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Try going to the DD-WRT forum to ask.


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v23 development stopped about 7 months ago. v24 is the current version. See the "Release Candidates" tree under:

The current version is: v24 RC6.2

The downloads are now organized by chipset and model numbers. Your WRT54G v1.1 is under:

I recommend the "generic no_kaid" version.

If you can't upload via the web interface, I suggest you upload via using the TFTP method. When you think you're done with the upload, wait a few more minutes before tinkering with the router or power cycling the router.

Do not attempt to upgrade via a wireless connection.

If you're still having problems, ask the same question in the DD-WRT forums. Be sure to include what you're doing and how you're doing it so that the errors of your ways may be itemized in detail.

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Jeff Liebermann

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