D-Link wireless print servers and security?

The generous and thoughtful responses to my posting in another thread has lead to looking at D-Link servers for my legacy parallel printers. But I don't find, among the D-Link spec sheets, any reference to WEP and WPA security.

I will use a WPA-secured network and I understand (I'm a neophyte in such matters) that the security level will be dragged down to the least secure device on the network. If one node is WEP-capable only, the network cannot operate with WPA security.

Do D-Link print servers offer WEP or WPA and just not bother mentioning it in literature?


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J David Ellis
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I've successfully(*) used a D-Link USB print server, but on a WiFi network with no security, so it didn't matter. I'd check the specs carefully. D-Link lies in their spec sheets, and shades the truth a lot, so I'd buy from a place with a good return policy.

(*) It was what I had, so I got it working. The promised function of "check an Email account on a regular basis and print out what you find there" didn't work, but I couldn't find the time to try to fix it.

If you check the details at the WiFi alliance, you can't get new WiFi certification without WPA, but several vendors have. I've poked the WiFi alliance folks to get them to push back on the vendor for WPA code, but it was a long and painful process.

I'd stay away from D-Link. A recent HP(?) All-In-One at a client site has WiFi built in already, so I'd have to imagine they've worked out those compatability issues. 8*)

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William P.N. Smith

Not bother. The current trend in marketing driven data sheets is to remove as much technical detail as possble. The trend will continue until either nothing is left, or someone complains.

DP-311 offers WEP but not WPA:

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DP-G301 doesn't have any useful data on the DLink web pile. Try downloading and reading the docs. There should be some clues in there.

I couldn't find a wireless parallel port print server that also supports WPA but will do some more searching tonight.

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Jeff Liebermann

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