D-Link DGL-3420 fully functional bridge?

I've tried searching this group and google before posting my question here. If this question has already been answered, my apologies and please direct me to the source. Thx.

I had to give up on my 11g wireless network with too much competition for available frequencies from neighbouring WLANs and telephones. Yesterday I counted 10 different signals on my site survey and that was only downstairs; upstairs I pick up 3 more.

I broke down and bought 11a gear from D-Link and thus far, all is okay with no competition. However, I could only find the DI-784 11a/g router and DWL-AG132 USB adapters locally. I need to order an 11a bridge to connect my network upstairs with my network downstairs. There are multiple bridges for 11b/g but for 11a the selection is quite sparse. As for D-Link I was looking at the DGL-3420, which they term as a gaming adapter. Is this device a fully functional bridge or will it only accomodate a single end device? Anybody know how it will handle multiple MAC addresses?

What options do I have? There is also the D-Link DWL-7100AP but my experience these kinds of devices is that they will only bridge with each other and not with a router like a DI-784 say. I tried to find this out from the D-Link web page and docs but it does not specifically say one way or the other.


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