D-link DI-624 weak signal, is this normal?

Hi, I have a DI-624 wireless router that seems to have an incredibly weak signal. It works fine within the room it is sited, but if I take my laptop into the hall (one wall blocking the signal) the signal strength drops wayyy down, and I generally lose my connection.

Is this expected behaviour? I would have thought I could get a little more distance than that. Is there anything I can do to improve matters? Maybe at the reception end (on the laptop?) I have a Linksys wireless card plugged in there.

Thanks Steven

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Depends what the wall is made of.. Try it down a hallway.. Some walls have a wire mesh to hold the plaster on, and that will effectively block signals...

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Peter Pan

I had the same issue with my DI-524 and I had to get a DWL-G710 range extender to strengthen the signal.


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Eugene J. Maes

There some issues as peter Pan previously pointed but I had the same problem with D-Link 624. I returned the Router and bought a "LinkSys WRT 54" and at the same location and the same environment the signal strength improved by an estimated 30%.

Regards Helmut

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I had exactly the same problem. It was line of sight only and would not go through a wall. Unfortunately I had wireless cameras, a telepone and DirectTV that all worked in the same frequency. I tried a Linksys "B" and then a "G" with no luck. I finally replace my wireless cameras with wired ones and then I got a Netgear RangeMax router and now it works fine. My Son next door also gets my signal.

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