Help with D-Link Di-624 firewall please!!

Hi, I just setup a DI-624 with default settings and 1 Laptop and 1 desktop working with ease. However, the firewall( if there is any in it) does not seem to be working (Or at least not as good as mine another router SMC2804wbrp-g ???

Symptoms: I intall ZoneAlarm free version on both machines and just 3 hours later I saw both had had about 10 attacks??? But with SMC2804wbrp-g, 2 weeks after I installed ZoneAlarm on 3rd and

4th machines, ZoneAlarm says 0 attack.

Question: Do I have to manually enable BASIC Firewall in DI-624?and How?

Thank you very much


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Update your firmware to the latest version. I'm using a DI-624 REV C and nothing is getting through to my software firewall.

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The Ghost of Thomas Jefferson

I've got 2 machines running zone alarm behind a Di-614 router and haven't noticed any "attacks" being reported. Unless you have port fowarding enabled on your router, the "attacks" are probably your computers trying to talk to each other. I know XP pro snoops around my lan getting machine names and such and could trigger an alert when it tries to access ports like 137/138/139 on my other computers.

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Si Ballenger

10 attacks of what type? Originating from where? NETBIOS requests? Since you just setup a new device that ZoneAlarm doesn't know about, my guess(tm) is that ZoneAlarm is complaining about the normal broadcasts coming from the router itself. Have you setup the LAN IP block as a "trusted zone"? If you instead setup the PC's to be individually trusted, did you do the same for the router? Where are these 10 attacks coming from?

Again, it depends on the type of attacks and the settings on the router.

I don't think there are any configurable firewall options for the DI-624. Methinks it best if you disclose the nature of these attacks before blundering onward. With ZoneAlarm, I've learned that if I do

*NOT* see any "attacks", then something is broken. ZoneAlarm will complain if anything changes.

Another possibility is Universal Plug-n-Play, which incidentally has nothing to do with Windoze hardware Plug-n-Play. If enabled in the router and on your PC, it automagically installs "holes" in your firewall for the benifit of such programs as MicroSloth Messenger (installed by default and a pain to disable). You might wanna disable UPnP in the router, clear any redirected ports in the router, and restart.

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Jeff Liebermann

I have a DI-624 as well. The firewall is enabled by default and I don't believe it can be disabled. Somewhere D-Link's website it says there is a conflict with this router and software firewalls and that software firewalls are not needed, shouldn't be used. This firewall uses NAT technology.

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Check your attacks and see if it's your router trying to communicate with your PC. might show in the attack detail. That's all happening behind your router firewall.

If you update your firmware make sure you follow the directions and use a ethernet cable when doing so. Apparently you can damage your hardware if attempting this via wireless.

Not Fred.

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