Free program to list all wireless users and what they are currently doing on my Windows PC?

Is there a freely downloadable program that will list all users and what they're doing on my Windows computer?

Sometimes, when I try to shut dow or disable my wireless connection, I get a message telling me someone else is using my Windows XP Home computer. But there's nobody else. There's no other user. I don't share resources (not knowingly anyway). I have WEP encryption.

How can I tell who or what is causing this wireless network connection error?

Is there a freely downloadable program that will list all users and what they're doing on my Windows computer?

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XP home is single-user, two interactive sessions cannot happen at the same time.

Most likely, you've enabled "fast user switching" and forgotten that you've already logged on. That feature is a bug and a security loophole. Disable it, and use normal logins.

Thats just a bug in windows. It means "your wireless connection is still in use". Probably you have something like a microsoft update running in the background and it won't let you shutdown or disconnect from the net.

Switch to WPA - WEP is very insecure.

Windows has one built in - task manager. You should expect to see your user name running some programmes, and a lot being run by system accounts.

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Mark McIntyre

OK. I'll look up Windows fast user switching and disable it.

I see myself, and only myself, so, I guess, I'm ok.

Thank you!

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what's Windows XP Home then??

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On Mon, 24 Nov 2008 22:28:43 +0000, Mark McIntyre wrote in :

Only one can be active at one time, but more than one can "happen" at the same time.

It won't be Microsoft Update. That message will only occur if there is an open share. My guess it that the computer has been compromised. Windows 98 is a sitting duck.

Amen, although it may be slamming the barn door long after the cows are gone.

You only see the other users if you check that option, and even then you'll just see logged in users, not active shares.

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