which integrated cable modem?

Which cable modem with wifi is the best to consider for a typical low-use residential setup? Mainly just web and e-mail (elderly in-laws).

Going with an integrated solution cuts down on the number of boxes sitting around, a worrisome factor for some folks. Me, I'd keep 'em separate but in this case it'd be best not.

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Bill Kearney
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I had the cable-co-provided Netgear somethig-or-another. It would hang every couple of days. Sometimes it spontaneously recovered, other times it needed a power cycle.

The company sent out a tech with a new one. It froze even more often.

Their phone service folk said, with a straight face, that this type of behavior was normal.

We gave it back and picked up a separate cable modem and

802.11 base. Saved the monthly fee (more than paid for itself already) and it's only needed one reset (which may have been courtesy of hiccuping when coming back after a power failure).

In other words, unless things have dramatically improved, I'd stay away from integrated units.

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danny burstein

This is the impression I'm getting from reading notes online. Ugh. Yet another box for them to obsess about. C'est la vie.

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Bill Kearney

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My only thought is if you get a wireless router/switch, check to see what firmware is installed and update if you have issues with it going offline.

I have an older WRT54G with the Tomato 1.21 firmware and it has never gone offline unless I shut the system down because of a storm or the cable modem drops and goes offline.

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Frank Hahn

I already run DD-WRT on several routers and would certainly plan to do the same on their if it's supported.

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On Sat, 22 Nov 2008 11:54:01 -0500, "Bill Kearney" wrote in :

Motorola SBG900 Wireless Cable Modem Gateway

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