Connecting linksys G from DSL modem?

I have two connections on my DSL modem. One is a DSL line and the other is a Ethernet line. My linksys has 4 ports and one internet input. I've tried both line in that connection and still can't connect to the internet. I need a little help right now. Thanks for any solutions.

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dan federic
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Connect the Internet port to the ethernet port on your DSL modem. You will need to configure the router to access the internet. Look at the instructions to see the IP address to use. The instructions for the Linksys are pretty good.

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Rick Ankrum

And also be aware, it is not very often, but some DSL providers use PPoE, and if you have one of those, you have to change it in the router setup, or the wap/router won't see the DSL modem.

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