Two Wireless Routers - Best setup?

Greetings and thanks for reading this. I have two wireless routers.

One router is an all-in-one box (siemens gigaset SE567) provided by the telco and the other (Linksys Wireless-N Gigabit Router WRT310N) connects everything in my LAN.

The LAN router must connect wirelessly to the WAN router. The LAN router is secure (WPA2) and the WAN router is open. The LAN security involves many devices and would take hours to change and verify.

What is the best setup for this situation? Using ethernet, I would just cable the WAN port of the LAN to a LAN port of the WAN and make sure that the two DHCP funcions were on the same subnet but handed out different address ranges. What is the wireless equivalent of this?

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On Wed, 10 Dec 2008 12:20:04 -0800, YA MacUser wrote in :

A wireless router can only do that in repeater mode, which cuts speed in half. Check to be sure the WRT310N can be used as a repeater.

Won't work in repeater mode, and doesn't make sense in any event -- if any part is insecure, it's all insecure.


Wireless client bridge back-to-back with (wired to) a wireless access point instead of the 2nd wireless router.

Better to turn off the DHCP server on the 2nd router, and configure it as an access point by cabling LAN to LAN, not WAN to LAN.

Much the same. See wikis below.

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