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I'm trying to cover a hotel with wireless internet service. Currently, I have two Linksys routers; a model WRT54GX4 (Wireless G w/ SRX400) and WRT54G. I also have the Linksys range expanders which I do not wish to use for the project.

When I arrived at the hotel, the WRT54G was in use with the range extenders. The range extenders constantly lost connection with the router. We simply don't have a suitable place to place the expanders within range of the routers while still covering the maximum range of the hotel. I bought the router with SRX400 after reading multiple reviews claiming that its range covered well over 160 ft. Unfortunately, the hotel seems to have to many walls and too much EMI for this router to cover that distance. Instead, it covers about 100 ft.

What I would like to do is wire the two routers together and use them both to provide wireless access throughout the hotels. This setup requires that I use one router as a gateway for the other. Every method I have attempted has failed. As far as I know the following setup should work:

The SRX router connects to the cable modem via the WAN port. I give it a LAN address of I then ran a cable from the SRX's LAN port to the 54G's WAN port. I gave the 54G a static address of, with gateway of Its LAN address is set to Both of the routers are set up as gateways with DHCP enabled.

Now, I am able to connect to either router wirelessly. When I connect to the 54G, I am unable to access any external sites. Running diagnostics finds that the 54G can ping It is unable to ping anything beyond that. The same symptoms occur when plugging a computer into a LAN port.

From the SRX router, I am able to access the internet entirely. Can

anyone suggest where I have gone wrong in setting up this system? What can I do to ensure a computer connected to the 54G can access external sites?

Thank you in advance for any help.

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I have two 54G's wired that way, and no probs.. Maybe it's the one with SRX that works funny? Why not try swapping them?

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That might work best with mildly directional antennas pointing in opposite directions. Put the routers on different non-overlapping channels and with the same SSID.

Configure one router as an access point, as described in Wi-Fi Fixes below.

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