Cloning computer MAC address to Buffalo WHR-HP-G54

I'm about the enter the wireless world for the first time. I've been reading through the operator manual for the Buffalo modem, and the only way I have found to clone the computer's NIC MAC address is to go to the relevant router page and manually type it in. I was kinda hoping that it could be set up to automatically fetch the MAC from the computer each time it boots up. Is the manual method the only way, or did I miss something? (I'm talking about the stock firmware.)

If it's manual only, how would I go about creating a script or something that would do all of the necessary steps automatically. I mean - bring up IE, go to, and do all the mouse clicks, keystrokes, etc., that I would normally do manually.

Maybe I should explain that I change my computer MAC address frequently so as to get a new IP. I've automated this to some extent by changing the contents of the .reg file which actually changes the MAC in the registry. But the router would be more complicated.

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