Need installation help with Buffalo WHR-HP-G54

Mine just arrived this afternnon, and it doesn't come with any manual so I have to download the PDF manual from Buffalo web site. It's pretty late now so after a quick browse through the manual, I only play with it for few minutes. I will continue tommorrow, but I am pretty sure that I may need some help so I give some information of what I have at my end, hoping someone here can point out my error before I try again tommorrow.


  1. I am using wired router NetGear RT-311, and because it doesn't have multiple LAN ports so I connect to 5-Port HUB

The HUB connects to

[Port1] => PC (I believe this requires special cable?) [Port2] => ROUTER (Netgear RT-311) [Port3] => PC1 [Port3] => PC2 [Port5] => ????

Router connects to

[HUB] => [Local] (of router) [modem] => [Internet] (of router)

And it has been working great for many years.

  1. About an hour ago I tried to connect the Buffalo to
[HUB] => [WAN] (of Buffalo) [modem] => [Port1] (of Buffalo)

And I got 2 LEDs POWER and "g"

NOTE - I didn't use the white cable came with the Buffalo so it may make a different? And I didn't turn the power OFF then ON so it could be the different?

  1. I tried to connect to setting using "" but got no connection.

Since the Buffalo has built-in 4-port so I may connect it directly to the PC without HUB, but I just want to know what I have done wrong so I can learn from my mistake.

Also, I have been monitoring this groups few months before ordering the Buffalo, and I read many people mentioned about 3rd party firmwae (WAN54G or whatever) and I wonder where I can get the correct firmware (yes, I have found several places but they have so many different version and different models to have me confused).

Thank You.

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