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In my security settings I want to limit wireless access to only my one wireless PC. It asks for my MAC address which is supposed to come up on a list in my settings which it does not and so I could enter it manually- My notebook PC came with wireless installed but there is no sticker on the bottom with the MAC address. If I go into Advanced Network Connection Details on the Notebook PC the first thing listed is "Physical Address" with a 12 digit value- thats the MAC address right? Also settings calls for a device name- this doesnt have to be a specific name right? I can just call it whatever? I just dont want to irretrievably lock my notebook off from the router. This is a Netgear WGT624 router by the way.

ALSO is there any chance of interference if I get a wireless mouse or do they go on a different frequency than the router?

And a last question, for a small home network to be secure this is what Ive done: Made the SSID something unusual Changed the settings password to a secure password Used WPA-PSK Security Encryption Set up a wireless card access list to only allow acess to the one MAC address (pending answer to first question above)

Is there more I should do? I tried to use WEP but couldnt get it to accept the WEP key on my notebook and people say WEP sucks anyway, is it important to resolve setting it up and what else should I do additionally?

Thanks in advance Rebecca

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manually- My


Thats most likely it, you can also (in xp) Start/Connect to/Wireless Network the properties box and hold your mouse over the adapter in the connect using box, it will show you the slot and mac address...... also works in win2000

Also settings calls

From what Ive seen the mice usually operate in the 27mhz band so it should not have an effect.

Thats about it. You should be as secure as a bug in a rug.


Id stay with WPA....................

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ipconfig /all from a command window will give you the mac also.

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go to dos cmd prompt and enter ipconfig /all it will give you your mac address

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