Linksys wpc11 cannot ping default gateway

I have connection as 100% and connected to linksys ssid with 0 packets received. I can only ping to its own ip address. cannot ping to default gateway so I cannot access the internet.

I'm not sure what else to do, but I have already: Uninstalled Norton Antivirus thinking that was the problem Uninstalled & reinstalled the Linksys network card Installed Wireless B Network 2 times Rebooted 4 times

Any help would be much appreciated!


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Go into TCP/IP properties for the card, Advanced properties, Options tab, TCP/IP Filtering properties and set all ports and protocols to Permit All from Permit Only and then disable filtering.

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HI Quaoar,

I checked these settings and they are already set to what you specified. Anything else I can look for?


Quaoar wrote:

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Are you using WEP encryption? If so, use the Hex key, not the ASCII key.

Are you using WPA encryption? If so, watch your spelling and typing.

Did you get an IP address from the unspecified model "gateway"? Run: start -> run -> cmd IPCONFIG

- If the IP address is, wait a while longer.

- If it's, DHCP failed, probably because of encryption key exchange problem.

- If it's, it's probably working and something else is wrong.

It might be Norton's firewall. Norton should not prevent you from obtaining an IP address via DHCP (see above), but will prevent you from pinging anything. Try turning off "Norton Internet Security" until it works.

Perhaps burnt offerings to the radio gods?

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Jeff Liebermann

I got it to work!

I uninstalled everything rebooted the laptop and the wireless router then reinstalled using windows. I suspected it to be the router because I inserted the network cable and could get the internet just fine with it. the reboot probably took care of any issues it may have been having.

Thanks for the responses!

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