Having problem with ping-please read

---Original probelm-- Hi,

Recently I replaced my old firewall with a Cisco PIX one, and translated all commands, now everything seems to be fine except I cannot get out from my Sun 5.8 (no ping and traceroute outside), also I cannot open a page (port

80)on this box from outside, this is the only Unix based machine I have, and all other servers and workstations are Windows and they seem to be fine. I deleted the mac address for the old firewall using arp -d but didn't work. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance for any help-Rob

---Brad's Answer--- I had a problem a while back with solaris and a firewall. The solaris box was running sendmail and for some reason it wasn't sending any emails that users had posted to it. Come to find out, sendmail was trying to ping the remote mail server before establishing an smtp connection. No echo reply meant no smtp connection. Since the firewall was dropping pings no emails were being sent


I think thats also my problem, too, since mine is also dropping pings. eventhough I though by adding a couple commands I can enable it, still having problem to do that. Can anyone help me to have all pings enabled (Internet and s2s VPN )

On remote site I have 2 access-list

1: "nonat" just for VPN tunnel 2: "out" for openning ports on outside interface

on head office:

I have: "nonat" for VPN and "outside-to-DMZ " "DMZ-to-in" access-group outside-to-DMZ in interface outside access-group DMZ-to-in in interface DMZ

Both running ver 6.3 Thanks for any help-Rob

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