Can't connect PC and PDA

I've had an adhoc wireless network working between my PC (XP SP2) and PDA (Mobilepro 900 CE4.2)- but next time I tried to get them connected, it didn't work and has not since.

ICS has vanished from the internet connection's properties so I can't enable it. I had it enabled before but it won't 'stick'. The Network Setup Wizard finishes with 'an error'.

The two devices can see each other but not actually do anything with the apparent wireless connection...

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Mark W
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Not sure with an adhoc, I have an infrastructure network setup, and have used it with multiple computers AND pda's...

Just a thought, hve you updated your activesync recently? I use it with my infrastructure, not sure if you can use it with an ad-hoc.... (not saying you can or can't, I just don't know)

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