How to share files between PDA and PCs in a Wireless LAN

I have a wireless router LinksysWRT54GS connected to cable internet modem and one desktop PC under WinXP-SP2 using RJ45 cable. Also I have PDA Asus535 with Win Mobile6 and can access internet via router WiFi, but I can't work with both devices as a LAN to share files for instance. Is it possible or PDA devices can't be configured as part of a LAN using WiFi connection?

Thanks for any comments.

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I'm no wireless tech, but I am able to access the LAN and WAN connections on my wireless network from my WinCE palmtops.

I have a cheap (and old) Linksys AP.


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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh

Not sure what you mean, since both my pda's, 6 laptops, and 2 tivos, can all share files... and I even have several network storage devices (ie network stoarge) that I have my mp3's, pix, videos etc on, and share it with all... Maybe it's something configured wierd in your setup? mine worked out of the box....

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