Wifi card in laptop - cannot connect, help!

I have a Dell C610 laptop which has a WIFI card in it. Originally it had Windows 2000 PRO and Boingo wireless software. I was able to access internet wireless, all our computers were networked etc. Then she wanted to add a 2nd operating system (XP) and needless to say it didn't go well. So now my sister erased everything on the laptop only has Windows XP now.

The problem is, it keeps saying that the wifi card is not present. Where is the wireless card? Do we have to open up the laptop and reinstall the wireless card so it will recognize it?? Help!!

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When she reinstalled XP, did she also reinstall the driver for the wireless card?

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Yes, we did install the xp driver for it.. but still doesn't show up...

Also checking the Device Manager under Network adapter, I didnt see any wireless adapters on there, just 3com fast ethernet controller. But under "other devices" it does show "network controller" with a yellow question mark.. does it have something to do with this?

I tried using my brother's USB NETGEAR wireless adapter, and it works fine. SO theres obviously something wrong with my internal wireless card

Opened up the laptop, and I believe the wireless card is from broadcom.

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On 7 Apr 2007 11:55:19 -0700, "Morgan" wrote in :

Probably -- are you sure she installed the _correct_ driver? Did you download it from the Dell Support page?

Indeed, the yellow question mark. ;)

OK. Get and install the correct driver.

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