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Using Linksys wireless router, WRT54GS and adapter WUSB54G. Have installed this pair on many occasions, but I have one right now that I cannot get the adapter to connect to the internet. The adapter and router are seeing one another, but the adapter does not connect to the internet. I have 3 computers connected to this network. One has the router connection by cable and the other is wireless with the same usb adapter. I did notice on the connection that is working, shows a Network Connection group showing a Internet Gateway, but the other does not show this. Trying to do a "repair" of the connection keeps showing "searching for ip address".

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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  • Open a "cmd" prompt, Start > Run > cmd > [OK] Type "ipconfig /all" and check to see what your IP Address, Gateway, and DNS are on the machine with WUSB54G. Try to ping the gateway. I assume the gateway doesn't block ping. If other computer can ping the gateway, so should this one. Ping an Internet address like
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    get the IP, on another machine. Try pinging that IP on the WUSB54G machine. If it responds ok, then DNS is not getting through.

I'm not sure what your Internet connection is... but I've seen Windows Internet Connection Sharing to be very flakey. This dns type of result is a typical symptom of the connection sharing problem. Try deleteing the "Preferred Network" entry of the Linksys in the WUSB54G machine and re-connect, re-entering any security key that's needed.

More than one Gateway, aka DHCP server will definately also cause this kind of symptom. If you are using ICS (Windows) as described before, as well as Linksys WRT product with DHCP enabled, then you have 2 DHCP servers. If your true Internet gateway supplies DHCP and NAT, then move the CAT5 connection from the "Internet" port on WRT over to a switch port. Reboot the client machine, or disable and re-enable the connection. It will find the correct DHCP server and should start working ok.

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