Point to Point T1 connection problem

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I am connecting 2 remote offices with a point to point t1 line using 2 identical Tasman 1001 routers. Office A has no internet connection, Office B has internet over a seperate T1. I wan to connect both offices so that computers at Office B can access a file server at Office A.

PC1( RouterA---- T1------| SwitchB |----- inside ip) -CISCO 515e PIX-------cisco2600-- internet

The T1 line says it is up. After telnetting into Router A I can ping both the Ethernet and Serial interface on RouterB, but cannot do the same from PC1. PC1 is manually assigned an IP and connected into Ethernet0 on RouterA. I would like to have it so the 2 offices could simply use the network neighborhood to view remote computers. In OfficeB the PIX is the current default gateway.

I've tried several different addressing setups, but not matter what I do I cannot ping from PC1 to any device in OfficeB. Computers in OfficeB cannot ping PC1 or the RouterA, but each Tasman can ping each other.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Sounds to me like you need to turn up a routing protocol and advertise your LAN segments, or put in static routes so that Router A knows about Subnet B through Router B's WAN interface, and Router B knows about Subnet A through Router A's WAN Interface.

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This sounds like a routing issue, and I suspect there is more gear in here than what you say.

What kind of routing statements do you have setup on RouterA and RouterB? Does RouterA know how to get to the subnet behind RouterB and vice-versa?

What is the default route on the ethernet card in PC1? Is it, the IP address you list as the ethernet interface of RouterA?

Can you ping from PC1? (ie. this would show the routing from PC1 to just RouterA is working).

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Doug McIntyre

Try changing WAN subnet from to

Some of the routing protocols do not work well when 192.168 LAN subnets connected by 10.10 WAN subnets...

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