Making Hotspot or Point to Point?

Hi, Could someone tell me what I would need to make a point to point hotspot? I have a wireless Linksys WRT54G router that I use to send a wireless internet connection to a second computer in my house. I would like to share my Internet connection with a person .6 miles away which I have a good "Line of Sight". I assume I would need a uni-directional antenna. If this is true, how does one connect an antenna to a WRT54G or am I way off base? If I could send the signal, the person .6 miles away should be able to pick up the signal with their laptop which is wireless capable. I would think that a "pickup" antenna wouldn't be necessary. Any suggestions or help with this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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On Thu, 10 Jan 2008 19:24:33 -0500, dart451 wrote in :

What do you mean by point to point hotspot?

And/or at the other end.

The high gain antenna can be on either end, better on both ends. You can try a reflector on the WRT54G, but you'll probably need a better antenna than that, and probably at both ends.

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John Navas

The trouble with trying to put an antenna on your WRT54G will be losing local wireless coverage.

You'd be better off setting up another access point with it's own directional antenna pointed at the remote end. Then you'd need another one on the remote end. Trying to go that far will require some pretty precise aiming, not to mention the ongoing maintance to make sure they stay aimed. The antenna on the remote end might detect the signal but it's very unlikely it'd be able to SEND signals back. You'll need antennae on both ends.

It really won't work reliably to try to 'split' the signal from your one local router. Your own local coverage will suffer in the process.

-Bill Kearney

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Bill Kearney

On Fri, 11 Jan 2008 21:59:15 -0500, "Bill Kearney" wrote in :

A high-gain antenna on either end actually helps both sending and receiving. Another high-gain antenna at the other end boosts both sending and receiving even more.

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