Can I know wich access point i'm using?

I know that an access point, i.e. Lynksis, can give me an IP, but what if two Lynksis are together, ¿Do i get a new IP? or ¿Is there another way to know wich Lynksis i'm using?

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If you have two access points and you want to differentiate them, then give each AP a different SSID.

If you want a seemless network, then set both APs to the same SSID. You'll maintain your IP address as you roam across different APs.

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Lucas Tam

I'm not sure if I completely understand your question, but I'll give it a try.

Are you asking how to determine which actual AP you are using if there is more than one AP providing a network SSID? (I.e., two are more are operating in tandem or perhaps as repeaters?) If thats your question, then its quite simple to determine which AP you are actually using by simply looking at the MAC address for the SSID you are connected to. Even if its a repeater, your client software should give you it's MAC address.

As for IP assignment, each AP could give an IP if it's DHCP server is enabled -- assuming, of course, it even has an embedded DHCP server. Many of the new AP's are including embedded DHCP servers. However, in most scenerios it makes more sense for a router to do all IP assignments. (I.e., In addition to my router/AP, I have a couple additional AP's working in tandem and as a repeater. They have DHCP capability, but I keep it disabled and allow the router to do all IP assignments.) The embedded DHCP server is a nice extra feature though and I've already used it once for setting up a quite WLAN with friends for game playing.

AP's working together under same SSID should be seamless and allow you to roam. I.e., as you move towards an AP with a stronger signal your connection should automatically begin tranceiving off that particular AP. Also, while I can't speak for all manufacturers' hardware, the repeating AP is transparant to the network. I.e., the AP that I have running as a repeater doesn't have an IP address on the network nor does it generate any logs regarding connections. Connections to the repeater are only apparant to the AP that it is repeating. In essense, it is operating like a "remote antenna". (Bad analogy, but...)

Anyway, look for the MAC address to know which AP you are on...

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