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Sorry for the lack of technical info. I share a zoom wireless router with my flat mates. its also an unsecured network. Can others now see what I've been looking at. Bank details, history etc. If so, is there a way to mask it by using proxy server etc. Cheers.

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They would be able to get your bank details if they did a man-in-the-middle attack and substituted your bank's SSL certificate for one of their own. You would be alerted to this by your browser - "invalid certificate" or "self-signed certificate" or something.

If you log in to a site by SSL and then switch to non-SSL, they could sometimes use the cookie and continue on as though they were you.

If you get your email via POP3, then they would have your email password

- and since some sites send passwords reminders by email, they could get those too.

Using a proxy wouldn't do anything unless it was SSL-based.

You could use a personal VPN provider to encrypt _all_ your traffic. However, you are then trusting the VPN provider to not look at your traffic. Some providers are listed here:

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