Ethernet works, wireless does not


I have recently tried to set up a wireless connection...

I have set up my connection using a Wireless router/modem connected to my desktop using an ethernet cable and it works fine (i am posting using that setup now...)

However whenever I unplug the thernet cable and rely on my wireless usb adapter i cannot access anything through my browser, even though it appears that the pc has connected to the wireless network and has an excellent signal strength.

Any ideas on what is stopping the wireless connection from working? I assume it is the set-up of my usb adapter. I have tried turning of the windows firewall on the wireless connection to no avail...

Can anyone help? Do i need to be more specific?

Cheers, Tom

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  • Yes. Well maybe not.

I'm taking a guess based on your message:

  • We don't know any makes or models of your gear, or exactly where any wires or cables are connected.

DSL or Cable Modem Router with Built-in Wireless

Desktop initially was plugged into the router on a LAN (switch-hub) port. [That worked.]

You also have a wireless card in that desktop, so you remove the desktops LAN wired cable, and enable the wireless card in the desktop.

We don't know if you are using any kind of WEP or WPA encryption.

You could check and see if you are getting a valid IP Address from the Router/Wireless. If not could be something wrong with how you are connecting wirelessly. Could be wrong WEP or WPA key. Try removing it, and re-entering it again. If this is Windows and it saved it, try removing your network name (SSID) from the list of Preferred Networks. The connect again.

Try using copy and paste instead of typing the key. Try using a straight Hex Key (not a pass phrase) if you are using WEP. If you are using WPA it should just work.

Make sure you don't have two adaptors in the desktop active with IP Addresses. Disable any other network adaptors to be sure. They could add extra default route(s) and could be duplicated the same IP Adress range on two adaptors if one still has a valid IP Address somehow.

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