A Belkin Pre-N router with Belkin Pre-N PCMCIA card : Question

I just had setup a A Belkin Pre-N router with Belkin Pre-N PCMCIA card.
Router has great range (about 300ft. ) but I still need about 5-6 feet more, so
close. I have the router on my desktop PC and the card in my laptop. When I
go next door accross the street to take care of my Mom, I like to take my
laptop with me. I get just inside the doorway and I lose the signal. Is there
anyway to boost my signal strength to my laptop . Would there be something I
could put on my laptop or my Mom's house(antenna) ect. to get a little stonger
signal? Any suggestions would be helpful, thank you.

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You sure it isn't just the number of walls its gone through rather than the range itself? How far is the router from the the closest wall to your mums?
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Daniel Bennett
Can you move your router to the front of your house closer to your Mom's. If not, add a range extender or a directional antenna
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Alan White
Brenda -
We've been using the Pre-N equipment for a couple of months now with
resounding success. I've also been curious, though, about extending the
range even more. Although the router's 3 antennas are fixed to the box,
I've read enough posts with photos to see that the F5D8230-4 antennas
are connected to the main board in the router by Hirose U.FL
connectors. Although we haven't proven it ourselves, it should be
relatively easy to open the box, disconnect the 3 stock antennas, and
replace with three 7 dBi rubber duck antennas on tilt/swivel mounts. My
guess is that this would improve the range pretty dramatically, even
beyond its current superb performance.
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