all you professionals help please?

here is what I am trying to do. i want to make several cantenna's and connect them via usb. then using an old laptop set it up so all the cantenna's combine to one signal connect this signal to my router thus allowing all my computers to run on an inhouse wireless.

i have 3 relatives close buy (within a couple miles) that will allow me to use their internet and they have wireless routers. I would like to combine them for max speed. And maybe goto their houses and combine the others for them. is this possible?

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The way you have worded your questions is not clear, so I'll have to make some assumptions.

First question questions - I assume you want to construct several cantennas with a wireless USB dongle at the feed and then connect all of the USB dongles to several of you computer's USB ports. Why????

Second question questions - Unless you have outdoor antennas that are well over any tree tops (and anything else that will block a clear line of sight), its not going to work. Is that what you are trying to do?

What do you mean by "max speed"? Are you asking if you can connect to multiple wireless routers to get a faster speed than any single router? It doesn't work that way, so no.

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Connecting two cans with a USB cable will not work. The cable is too heavy and the sound will not propogate down the USB cable. I suggest using the standard "kite string" or "box string" between the cans.

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Jeff Liebermann

it's always fun trying to guess what the OP is thinking, or the logic that is being used....

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"P.Schuman" hath wroth:

It was late, I was bored, I needed some entertainment, etc. The results are predictable.

I once had a High Skool English teacher, that would intentionally misinterpret anything that was ambiguous. Besides being entertaining, it was an excellent learning experience in proper writing and sentence construction. His line was also something like "If you can't ask the question, you don't deserve the answer". That doesn't really work on Usenet due to the large number of English as a 2nd (or 3rd) language users. Let's just say I'm continuing the tradition.

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Jeff Liebermann


| it's always fun trying to guess what the OP is thinking, | or the logic that is being used....

I don't need the OJT. I have a wife, a daughter, a daughter in law, a bunch of grand daughters and ALL their friends ...

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OJT, OJT,,,,, OK, so if OP is Original Poster and you are referring that, then Original, , no OJ is orange juice, no, aha ! On the Job Training.

NIUWYAS. (Now I Understand What You Are Saying)

Someday our phrasing will be so limited and predefined, that we will be able to eliminate all words and just use their first letter.


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