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I'm stealing wireless form my neighbor. I always get a "poor" signal. Today I bought a wireless-g broadband router to try to improve speed. All I did is plug it into the wall and I get an "excellent" signal but can't connect to the internet. Can anyone help me out?

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sure, you missed the one step that ensures a good connection...next time make sure you lick both your index and your middle finger and insert them into the wall socket instead of the router hope this helps

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Of course you do get an excellent signal...you're seeing your own wireless equipment.

So your trying to connect a router of brand we don't know to an access point and don't know why you can't get an internet connection.

Given that, you have no idea how WiFi works...therefore any further explanations would be of no help to you.

Doubtful anyone will want to be a party to your criminal activity.

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HAHALOL I guess no one told you how to flip the internet switch? I guess not.. sucks for you.. maybe one day you will be kind enough to ASK your neighbor if you can use his internet OR buy your own.

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Adair Winter

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