Unable to connect to internet but can connect to Skype

I am having trouble connecting my NEC laptop to the internet via a NETGEAR wireless router.

It was working fine a couple of weeks ago, but now it only connects to Skype. I cannot connect to the internet via Internet Explorer, SeaMonkey or Outlook.

My work laptop connects via the same wireless router to everything with no problem.

I tried windows restore back to a date when it was working, but that did not resolve the problem.

I compared all the wireless settings between laptops, but that did not resolve the problem.

Has anyone got any ideas what might be wrong?

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Do you start Skype before trying to access the Internet?

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Sounds like DNS problem, try rebooting your modem, I occasionally get this, some computers work ok and then 1 does not, usually when I have been connecting, disconnecting other computers quickly.

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Bob L

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