Airport Express Win XP Pro SP2 installation problem.

Hi there,

I am experiencing some problems installing my new Airport Express in Windows XP Prof SP2.

For some reason the "Airport Express assistant", the install wizard, cannot find the Airport Express base station, but Windows does find it and connects me to the Internet through it.

During the set up of the base station the software tells me that "Windows is currently not authorised to manage wireless networks". Windows has to be allowed to manage wireless networks for things to work apparently.

Can anyone tell me how I allow windows to manage wireless networks?

The Windows Zero Configuration service is started and the box 'automatically configure wireless networks' has been checked.

Thanx, Jay from Amsterdam.

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With a friend we figured out the solution.

Twas a long process but to cut a long story short: we downloaded the update for the Aiport Express Assistant for Windows XP and things, sort of, magically worked (though not the first time around).

Good luck to anyone else with this situation on their hands.

Greetz, Jay

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What's your experience with the AirPort Express? Do you use it to stream iTunes to your HiFi equipment? Sharing a printer? What range do you get?

I have an Apple iBook G4 connected to broadband through the AirPort Extereme base station.

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