Handytone 486 with Airport Express

I'm having problems connecting to the Internet with my Airport Express

connected to the LAN port of the Handytone 486. When I open up a

browser and type in an address e.g.

formatting link
it does not find

the site. However, a bit of experimentation, when I typed in the IP

address it went straight to the site. Somehow, the DNS is not set


When I connect my pc directly to the LAN port of the Handytone 486, I'm

able to surf.

Any ideas why this is happening?

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What's an Airport Express..? Sounds like a bus service to me ;-)


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Ivor Jones

Actually I don´t know what an "Airport Express" is but I am guessing it to be a router. Well, if you can surf using your PC then the DNS is set up correctly in your handytone.

If you have your "Airport Express" connected to your handytone and your PC to your "Airport Express" then that means that your PC tries to resolve the DNS through your "Airport Express" and not through your handytone. So you need to set up your DNS in your "Airport Express" correctly. Just use the same IP as you have set up in your handytone or use the handtone's IP.


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Andrian Geheuer

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