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Trying to figure all this out. Have a PC hooked up to DSL downstairs. Want my 2 Macs upstairs to be online. The newer mac has an airport extreme card. The other is too old for a "card". I'm guessing I should get a "wirless G" router for the DSL modem, and a USB adaptor for the older mac? Which brands/model numbers should I look for? Is a "broadband router" the same as a "DSL router"? I think the airport card is a "G" series. Thank you for your help!

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You're better off with an Ethernet than a USB wireless adapter. Depending on the Mac model and OS version running on it, you might also be able to use a PCI wireless card in it.

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Neill Massello

There a few USB adapters for Mac OS. Google with the search string: "Mac OS Wireless Adapter Compatibility List" - remember to include the quotes. The newest list I know of is from August 2005.

Check the list above.

Above you wrote "the DSL modem". So in that case you need a broadband router (with a built-in switch and connectors for cable, to connect your PC) with built-in wireless. Or you can buy a broadband router (with the switch) and a separate wireless access point and connect the AP to the router.

A DSL router could replace the DSL modem and router.

Yes. Airport Extreme is 802.11g.

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