Netgear RangeMaxT Wireless Router - WPN824

I'm glad you asked. I was just about to share my experience.

I bought one on 9/7 and returned it the next day. I also bought 2 of the RangeMax USB adapters.

I'm currently using a Netgear WGR614 v2 and have three computers connected to it, all wireless. In an effort to increase the signal and limit the signal losses form the farthest computer, I upgraded the router to the RangeMax and replaced the two WT111 USB adapters with two RangeMax USB adapters. One laptop is within 15 -20 ft., the 2 desktops are about 50ft away.

I ended up with NO signal at the farthest computer and a very low signal at another, although I picked up three other local available wireless networks. Even though one is a coffee shop three blocks away, I could not connect to the two farthest computers to my network. It was listed as available, yet in had no bars and could not connect.

The best part of the story is when I went to return it at Staples. I explained that, not only did it NOT improve my signal/coverage, I was not paying $350 to have a worse connection. You ready for his answer? The CSR told me that I had to move my computers FARTHER from the router, as the RangeMax was designed ONLY to work at a distance. He said (with straight face and believing every word he said) that it is not designed to work with close connections. I got my refund and walked out.

I'm looking for a more stable wireless connection that will allow me to connect reliably. I thought RangeMax was the ticket, as I've had pretty good success with my current WGR614. I don't know what the problem is (I tried many different settings), but I actually got a worse signal and connection.

I'm not bashing the equipment and I'd like to figure out what the problem is and try again. Bottom line is, it didn't do squat for me. YMMV.

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Dave Zass
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Can anyone offer any comments on the claimed range increase/improvement through obstacles for this router? I'm looking to buy a wireless router for a charitable residents home and would like to maximise the range throughout.

I have experience of both the DG834Gv2 and the DG834GT (which simply will not maintain a 108Mb/s network speed).

Regards and thanks

Alan C

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Ive installed a few - you need the latest firmware and drivers, this took performance from just a little better than existing stuff, to 30-40% better.

You also need to follow the guidelines to get the best out of it - try vertical orientation or raising the router up a little (especially if it sat on a metal/shiny desk)

Its the best consumer wireless router Ive tested/used myself...and Ive tried most of them !

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